Your DHCP server, your rules!

Do you need a flexible customisable DHCPv6 server? Then DHCPKit is for you.

DHCPKit provides a flexible framework for your DHCP services. You can use it to provision your customers according to your own business rules, and it can also be easily integrated into your existing ISP management and provisioning tools.


  • Written in Python 3.4+ with lots of hooks for extensions
  • Static address and/or prefix delegations to a predetermined set of customers from a CSV file
  • Support for ISP-related options like Sol-Max-RT, Remote-ID, Subscriber-ID, Link-Layer-ID etc.
  • The ability to respond (or not) based on the Elapsed-time value
  • Customisable renew/rebind time limits

Download & install

Install DHCPKit using pip:

pip3 install dhcpkit

Or use one of the official repositories:

Existing extensions

Get involved

Adapting DHCPKit to your needs and adding new extensions is easy! Take a look at the resources below to get started. If you’re interested in collaborating or just have something specific in mind, contact sander@​dhcpkit.​org and I’ll be happy to help.

Source code

DHCPKit source code is hosted on GitHub.